Star City Chapter

Star City Chapter

P.O. Box 5974         Lincoln NE 68505

President – Bacon-Man

Vice-President – Doc

Treasurer – Anubis

Secretary – Spice

Child Liaison – Twizzler

Security Officer – Switch

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Star City Chapter – ext. 103 (Lincoln and surrounding areas)

Star City Chapter Meeting, First Saturday of every month,

Meeting open to the public at 3:00 PM

3340 West A st.
Lincoln, NE. 68522


BACA Nebraska Inc                            P.O. Box 6275                              Omaha NE 68106


State Officers

President         Cowtown

Vice-President  Off Road

SAA                  Dozer

Treasurer          Shy Lady

Secretary          Bacon-Man


State Staff

Chapter Development Doc

Child Liaison         K-Lo

PR Officer            Bacon-Man

Training Officer     Doc

IT Admin             Cowtown

LMHP                  Bama


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