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Eastern Nebraska Membership

Becoming a patched BACA member is not easy. You will have to pass a State and an FBI background check. You will be asked to complete this in the first three months with the chapter.
After three months, if all is well and you are a good fit for the Eastern Nebraska chapter you will enter your new supporter phase. You will be able to choose a sponsor (mentor) and you will be required to attend regular training.
You will ride in the back of the pack. Patching is not automatic, but can happen after a year if you prove you are ready to empower children to not be afraid of the world in which they live.
Patched Members of any chapter in Nebraska are required to attend 80% of our mandatory meetings and events.  Supporters of any chapter in NE are required to attend 50% of same.  You will be riding 2-3 weekends a month.

The supporter track is perfect for those with less time to give. Supporters are an important part of the Chapter. You will be able to ride, empower children and attend meetings with us.
However, supporters will never be allowed to vote on chapter business, nor will they be primaries to our children and they cannot mentor new members.



BACA Nebraska Inc                            P.O. Box 6275                              Omaha NE 68106


State Officers

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State Staff

Chapter Development Doc

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Training Officer     Doc

IT Admin             Cowtown

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